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Carlos’ Food & Wine features Montes Wines for special event by Ovadia Law Group at Pisco y Nazca

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

Food, wine and events too!

Hello friends!

Did you know that there’s more to Carlos’ Food & Wine than well…food and wine? I also do events.

My parallel career in public relations and marketing has given me plenty of experience in the event side of ventures for a plethora of industries.

The one constant that never changes in any type of event is the amazing opportunity to connect with people. Food and wine always brings people together.

Carlos’ Food & Wine had its first face-to-face event on February 9, 2022, by hosting a wine tasting station featuring Montes Wines (in partnership with Kobrand Wine & Spirits) at the Ovadia Law Group quarterly business networking event held at the swanky Pisco Y Nazca Peruvian Ceviche Gastrobar in Doral, Florida.

Ovadia Law Group

Ovadia Law Group is a highly knowledgeable team of personal injury and insurance lawyers ready to advocate for your rights.

From dealing with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) suits and homeowners insurance companies to filing personal injury claims, they can help you navigate the legal process—no matter how complex your situation may be.

(Left to right: Carlos Sarmiento Carlos’ Food & Wine, Abe Ovadia & Alvaro Virguetty, Ovadia Law Group)

For more information on Ovadia’s services visit:

Montes Wines & Kobrand Wine & Spirits

The evening mixer was a success, with over 30 professionals in the medical industry sampling exceptional Chilean wines from Montes Wine, courtesy of Carlos’ Food & Wine partner, Kobrand Wine & Spirits.

Featured wines:

2019 Montes Alpha Casablanca Vineyard Chardonnay (D.O. Aconcagua Costa, Chile)

2019 Montes Limited Edition Pinot Noir

(D.O. Aconcagua Costa, Chile)

2019 Montes Alpha Malbec

(D.O. Valle de Colchagua, Chile)

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

For finding and purchasing these wines, check out Kobrand Wine & Spirits’ retail locator from

Just click on the link and enter your zip code and local stores and restaurants that feature these wines will show up!

For more information on Kobrand Wine & Spirits portfolio of product, visit:

For more information on Montes Wines, visit:

Drips to Sips

No wine serving is complete without Carlos’ Food & Wine partner, Drips to Sips.

Drips To Sips wine drip collars fit around the neck of a wine bottle to absorb any drips that may run down the bottle after pouring. They also prevent wine running down to the wine label and protect your table linens, kitchen and bar countertop and carpet from red wine stains.

Featuring a felt insert which can be washed. Drips To Sips wine collars can be reused hundreds of times before washing the felt.

These collars also can be used as napkin rings!

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

(Winner of the special prize drawing of a set of Drips to Sips rings, Patricia Ceballos with Carlos Sarmiento from Carlos’ Food & Wine)

(Photo: Carlos’ Food & Wine)

Your table will be the most stylish at your next dinner party or event!

Order your rings today at

*Enter discount promo code CFW15


Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar

Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar adds a modern twist to traditional Peruvian cuisine. Inspired by Peru’s top ceviche eateries, this Miami restaurant serves up bold-flavored dishes, unique cocktails and a vast selection of local and international beers.

Carlos’ Food & Wine wishes to thank…

I am so grateful to so many people that made this event possible.

Special thank you to:

Ovadia Law Group

Monica Alavarez & Abe Ovadia

Kobrand Wine & Spirits

Diana Zahuranec, Jennica Ossi, Joe Ganish, Tom Yessman & Ricardo Gasparrini

Drips to Sips

Ashley Engeln

Carlos’ Food & Wine

Need great recipes and wine pairing ideas?

Want to plan your next culinary & wine event?

Look no further than Carlos’ Food & Wine!

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