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Carlos’ Food & Wine discovers TerraNoble Wines from Chile at Jattö Restaurant in Miami

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

(Photo by Carlos Sarmiento)

Once in a while, in this line of business of food and wine that I am in, I get invited to one-of-a-kind events that brings you access to new experiences and perspective.

It was lovely closing out the month of May by attending a special dinner and wine pairing event hosted by Feast PR, Winebow and TerraNoble Wines at the inventive Jattö new word cuisine restaurant.

(Photo courtesy of Jattö Miami) The theme of the dinner event was Chilean wines, which was timely because I have been wanting to expand my knowledge of wines form the Chilean wine regions, more specifically the enigmatic Carmenere varietal.

TerraNoble Wines & Jattö

My colleague Jennifer O’Flanagan from Feast PR chose the sensational restaurant to introduce the phenomenal wines from TerraNoble Wines.

Jattö Jattö, a play on the Peruvian term jato, meaning “home”, brings together flavors from Peru, Colombia, and Spain. Our offer includes rotating food and high-end cocktails, prepared with meats and produce from Miami-based farms and purveyors, ensuring that customers can find something new.

This eclectic fusion restaurant located in the trendy Wynwood (entertainment district) in Miami is lead by Chefs Henry Hané and Aleric Constantin.

Henry Hané was born in Lima,Peru and was brought up in a family where good food came first. After graduating from Johnson and Wales University in Miami, he began his career at the prestigious, two Michelin Star, Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisonsin Oxford. 

(Chef Henry Hané, courtesy of Jattö Miami)

Aleric Constantin was born and raised in Miami and fell in love with food and the arts as a child. Always encouraged by his family he found himself always creating something, whether it was art, music, inventing or any form of creative expression. Aleric "AJ" Constantin, aka The Cycling Chef, brings his Cuban-Miamian influence to the table at Jatto as the Chef de Cuisine.

(Chef Aleric ”AJ” Constantin, courtesy of Jattö Miami)

For more information, visit:

TerraNoble Wines

TerraNoble, a winery like no other whose purpose is to enchant and captivate with authentic wines that reflect their pioneering spirit and the nobility of the land, respecting the people and it’s surrounding nature.

Spread between the valleys of Casablanca, Colchagua and Maule, TerraNoble vineyards cover about 300 hectares. They have been chosen and developed according to the needs of each variety‘ making way the best available climate and soil conditions to produce balanced wines, with great aromatic and flavor concentration, that express the nobility of their origins.

TerraNoble Winemaker Marcelo Garcia

(Photo courtesy TerraNoble Wines)

TerraNoble Regional Director Europe/USA

(Photo courtesy TerraNoble Wines)

For more information, visit:

The menu and wine pairings…

Chef Constantin was our culinary host during this event and presented with detail and passion, a plethora of distinctive dishes that paired beautifully with the flight of exceptional wines that TerraNoble winemaker Marcelo Garcia and Regional Director Tomas Uribe showcased.

Jattö Chef Constantin, TerraNoble’s Regional Director Tomas Uribe and Winemaker Marcelo Garcia

(Photo: Carlos Sarmiento)

First Course (not pictured)

Bread - Sullivan St. & Colada butter

2018 TerraNoble Grand Reserva Carmenere

One of the most creative dishes I’ve had in a long time! Who knew that bread and butter could be taken to a higher level!

This first course consisted of a pair of perfectly toasted local artisan grainy bread served with a creamy spreadable butter that taste like Miami’s renowned colada coffee (a colada is a sweet espresso drink made with strong, dark roast espresso sweetened with a thick sugar foam). Amazing bold flavors.

To pair this inventive first dish, a reserve Carmenere opened up the flights of wine tasting. This particular wine showed purple-red tones with bluish hues, offering intense fruit on the nose with crisp nuances of blaco and red fruits, nicely balanced with soft notes of spices and mint.

Second Course

Choclo - Five spice butter - Lime - Cebolla Criolla

2018 TerraNoble Grand Reserva Carignan

2018 TerraNoble Disidente Naranjo

(Photo: Carlos Sarmiento) For this second course, a very interesting thing happened, two different wines were offered for its pairing, a red (Carignan) and a white, well, an orange (Naranjo)…and each brought out so many different accents from the same dish.

This dish made with traditional Peruvian choclo (giant corn) can easily accompany any ceviche dish, but surprisingly enough, it stood out on its own, with it multi layered flavors that gave each mouthful something new to savor.

To me, both wines worked beautifully with this dish. The Carignan showed intense red color and carried strong aromas of red fruits like cherries and flowers. It had a crisp and refreshing feel to the palate and still providing long and persistent ending.

The Naranjo (Orange wine), comprised mostly of Pinot Blanc with some Pinot Grigio brings lovely yet intense floral aromas with notes of quince and delicate orange and lemon peel. It’s structure is firm, long, mineral and yet quite fresh.

Third Course

Patatas Bravas - AJ’s Brava Sauce - Egg Snow - Roasted Garlic Espuma

2018 TerraNoble CA1

2018 TerraNoble CA2

(Photo: Carlos Sarmiento) Patatas bravas (or spicy potatoes) which are a standard Spanish tapas dish, only this time, they are presented in a spectacularly reimagined way, featuring spicy brava sauce on the bottom, crispy fingerling potatoes, and topped with egg snow and roasted garlic espuma (foam). Sensational!

This dish also was paired with two types of amazing Carmenere wines: CA1 which grapes were grown in the warm Andes foothills of the Colchagua valley and CA2 which the same grapes were grown in the coastal mountain range of the same Colchagua valley. The difference between these two were individually distinctive. Both equally exceptional.

CA1 possesses intense aromas of ripe red fruit, nice round tannins with lush concentration of fruit which makes this the ultimate expression of Carmenere.

CA2, true to its coastal source of growth, immediately expressed to me a red wine that could easily pair with fish like sea bass, salmon or even cod. This wine brought on nuances of spice, softer texture yet with intense flavors on the palate.

It was that difficult deciding which one paired best.

Fourth Course

Steak au Poivre - USDA Prime Rib Eye - Pomme Purée Foam - Crispy Papitas

2018 TerraNoble Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

(Photo: Carlos Sarmiento) Ah…steak au poivre, probably my favorite dish ever, and always a staple at any French bistro. Chef Constantin delivers this dish simply but with exceptionally chosen ingredients that were clearly prepared with love.

This particular version is prepared with succulent cuts of Prime rib eye steak and served with an outstanding peppercorn sauce.

What better wine to pair this dish than with TerraNoble’s Gran Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (probably one of the best Cabs form Chole that I’ve had in recent memory).

This reserve cab offers deep ruby-red color, with elegant yet powerful aromas of fresh and juicy red fruits along with hints of herbs and mint. Fantastically well-structured with fresh tannins and balanced acidity, tension and sharpness. A must have for the Cab lover.

Fifth Course - Dessert

Amazonica Black Forest Oblea

Filthy Cherries - Raspberry Jam - Whipped Cream

(Photo: Carlos Sarmiento)

No meal is complete without dessert. Once again, Chef Constantin delivers an inventive and highly satisfying take on a typical South American street dessert…obleas.

Obleas are big, thin and crispy wafers that are usually filled with dulce de leche (caramel). This new version meticulously adds multiple layers of sweet decadence…chocolate, cherries, raspberry jam and fresh whipped cream. The perfect palate cleaning closer to a sumptuous meal.

I truly believe that you can pair almost any dessert with wine. For this one, I opted for a refill of reserve Cabernet Sauvignon to accentuate the chocolat, cherries and raspberry jam. Just perfect!

Chef AJ Constantin, yours truly, Winemaker Marcelo Garcia

(Photo: Carlos Sarmiento)

My conclusion…

What an amazing evening spending time with fellow foodies, wine lovers and writers all experiencing for the first time some creative and tantalizing fusion cuisine paired with unique and well-crafted wines from Chile.

Jattö is definitely a must-try restaurant that will take you on savory journey through South America through masterfully-made innovative dishes.

If I were to describe TerraNoble wines with one word, it would be: delicate. Winemaker Marcelo Garcia truly brings a sense of delicate approach through respect for the terroir, creative and bold risk-taking to deliver exceptional fine wines that puts his Chilean varietals in a league of their own.

I cannot wait to return to Jattö and also to try my next bottle (or two) of TerraNoble wines.

This special posting was made possible by Jennifer O’Flanagan from Feast PR who organized this fantastic event. Thanks Jen.

Feast PR

Feast PR is a boutique marketing and communications agency skilled in crafting impactful digital and traditional brand-building campaigns, supporting fine food, wine, and spirits brands – from promising start-ups to well-established producers and international boards.

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Winebow represents some of the most established, family-owned properties, as well as a new generation of winemakers and distillers who are dedicated to innovation and quality.

Winebow companies focus on imports or wholesale distribution of brands to get them in front of the customer with an unparalleled level of service.

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