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Thanksgiving Wine pairing ideas with Carlos’ Food & Wine & Exploring the Wine Glass (podcast)

Dear foodies and wine lovers,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Do you know what you’ll be making? What type of wine(s) you‘ll be serving?

Carlos’ Food & Wine was recently invited by Lori Budd, proprietor of Dracaena Wines (and founder of now internationally recognized Cabernet Franc Day), to participate in a delightful chat with other wine experts to discuss the intricacies of wine pairing for Thanksgiving.

This virtual discussion is part of Lori’s award-winning blog & podcast Exploring the Wine Glass.

Don’t miss out on the fun virtual discussion and get great wine (and food) tips for your Thanksgiving:

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Need food ideas for your Thanksgiving? Check out my complete holiday feast menu:

On a personal note, I am beyond grateful for all the support, collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships that I have received since launching Carlos’ Food & Wine in 2020.

Give your kitchen a chance.

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Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!

Let‘s get cooking!


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